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Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that is fake or cheap? This guide will break some of the jewelry brands that are not impressive.

Going for the cheap option can only get you so far. After all, the synthetic diamond industry is expected to be worth over $27 billion globally by 2023. People everywhere are searching for cheaper alternatives to high-class jewelry.

However, the problem with cheaper jewelry brands is that well, they look cheap.

If you are thinking of upgrading your jewelry to something with a genuine touch of class, how can you avoid cheap looking jewelry? Check out our in-depth guide below.


It may have once looked cute. After all, you have loved elephants since you were a child. But if you want to leave cheap-looking jewelry behind, it is time to leave animal pendants behind.  

If if it comes with a high price tag, anything that carries a fantasy character, animal, or butterfly logo should be avoided. Non-cheap looking jewelry should carry a design that whispers grown-up and mature tastes.


The home-made look once was in fashion. The beaded necklaces that you can buy from flea markets had their time. However, if you want your jewelry to be taken more seriously you should avoid them now.

This is especially true if you are dressing with a particular occasion in mind. Your first day of work, meeting your boyfriend's parents, or a black-tie affair is no time to break out your favorite "dream-catcher" style earrings.

Go with subtle, well-made designs where the materials speak for themselves.


Nothing screams cheap like plastic or any material that resembles plastic. Good quality materials are shiny for sure, however, most people can spot cheap materials at a glance.

Even if your jewelry is made from metal, you should avoid the cheap alloys that try to give an appearance of gold or silver. More often than not they try too hard and can give the impression of fake quality.


As they say: "You get what you pay for".   This is certainly true when it comes to jewelry. If you choose a bargain item, you will likely end up with something that is made from lightweight materials and it will show.

A piece of jewelry made lightweight material will likely have a much shorter lifespan than a more solidly made equivalent. Clasps and connections on the item will very likely weaken or even break within a short time. This makes purchasing cheaper jewelry a false economy.

Further, as you move around and gesture, your jewelry should remain relatively still, should it be made out of genuine materials. Cheaper jewelry, however, will flop around give the impression that it is made of plastic or styrofoam. Not the look you are going for. Avoid it by investing in good quality jewelry that will last significantly longer.


Pure gold or silver does not stain your skin. However, most cheaper types of metals, even when mixed with gold or silver will. Copper will turn your skin green. Nickle can also leave marks.

If you want to avoid jewelry that will stain your skin, try to stick to Gold that has a karat of more than 18. If you are looking for jewelry of a different color, try wearing platinum or titanium.


Much cheap jewelry is designed to appeal to your emotions and not to your classy side. It is true that there is sentimental value in the necklace that reminds you of your "best friend". Perhaps you have a pendant that has a certain date that is important to you. However, beautiful jewelry is a reminder in itself.

If you want to remind your best friend of your friendship, find a good quality jewelry item and purchase two. One for each of you. Or if you want to remind your partner of a special date, such as your wedding day, have the date engraved on the inside of your ring.

Jewelry should speak for itself. Advertising the message for the world to see does not shout the class that you are aiming for.


Cheap jewelry often has a nice simple design that is then unnecessarily complicated with an excess of materials. This could include, beads, feathers, and chains.

If you are looking for a classy piece of jewelry that also has accessories, choose something that has these extra features made out of valuable materials such as gold.

It will last longer and you will not have to continually search your floor at home for lost feathers and beads.


Cheap jewelry is not only made of cheap materials, but it is also often far larger than necessary. This is easy to produce when materials are cheap.

Classy jewelry, however, is often the opposite. The materials are valuable and require greater investment. This means that they are smaller and more subtle. They complement your wardrobe rather than overpowering it.

Choose smaller yet more valuable jewelry over huge jewelry to complete your classy look.


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